Today, spill response, and the resultant waste to be disposed of, are governed by regulations to protect both people and the environment. Compliance with these regulations is generally met through the use of commercial absorbents or spill response kits. Kits should contain: high performance absorbents, personal protective equipment, written response procedures/guidelines and accessories to ensure proper storage and disposal of spill wastes.

Enretech offer a range of spill response products that comply with current legislation and Australian and New Zealand Standards, helping you meet your legal requirements and ensuring your environmental due dilligence as well as your OH&S duty of care.

Enretech will reduce your spill clean-up costs and meet your Environmental Management Plan for waste reduction, increasing your use of recycled materials and use of products with a low carbon footprint.

You must conduct a risk assessment of your operations to determine the types and volumes of liquids you may spill, and what type of absorbents and spill kits you’ll need to clean them up safely and cost-effectively. Please note that the spill kit safety guide is for standard kits and we will adapt kits to suit individual company requirements. Download a spill kit safety guide to determine which kits are right for you →