Communal Tiled Areas

Oct. 25, 2013

At an education campus, two tiled areas were causing a number of slips due to the rain and early morning dew that would sit on the tiles. These areas were high traffic areas with large numbers of students walking over the tiles daily. After one slip that caused a broken bone an investigation was launched and it was discovered that there had been a number of slips occurring in that area. Andy Andersons Industrial Services were asked to come up with a solution and recommended the GripGuardĀ® Non-Slip treatment. The areas were deep cleaned and then treated with GripGuardĀ® Non-Slip. The look of the tiles improved and the slip resistance increased reducing the risk of further accidents. Our client was extremely happy with the result. Health and safety around any education facility is important and the GripGuardĀ® Non-Slip treatment helps to support and maintain it.