• Use of safety tape

    Marble tiles on the entranceway and steps of an inner city office block when wet had caused many of the staff to slip and fall as they entered the workplace. The property owners were keen to have the GripGuard® Non-Slip ...... read more →

  • Communal Tiled Areas

    At an education campus, two tiled areas were causing a number of slips due to the rain and early morning dew that would sit on the tiles. These areas were high traffic areas with large numbers of students walking over ...... read more →

  • Office/workplace entranceways

    When it had been raining the tiles of an office entranceway became like a skating rink and slips were commonplace. Work shoes with leather soles provided very little resistance and the staff were having to enter the premises walking in ...... read more →

  • Hangar/warehouse floors

    When a fully laden forklift trucks spins 360 degrees on a wet floor when entering a warehouse, something has to be done about it. We treated the warehouse’s concrete floor with the GripGuard® Non-Slip and immediately the problem was eased. ...... read more →

  • Basement car park

    Issues were raised when residents were slipping on the basement car park concrete floor. Rain and debris were being blown onto the floor making the area by the roller door hazardous to walk on. The solution was to carry out ...... read more →