Case Studies

  • Eliminating slips, trips and falls

    Andy Anderson's Industrial Services was recently quoted in this article in "School News":

    "It happens on playgrounds. It happens on stairs and in corridors. It happens on wet days and dry days, inside and out, even just walking around the corner ...... read more →

  • Machinery Cleans

    Having spent a considerable amount of money on a new piece of machinery, a company found during the initial testing process that the product would come out with a black mark on it. Unsure how to solve the issue, Andy ...... read more →

  • Dust Removal

    Dust can be a major problem for plant and machinery causing loss of production and high maintenance costs from repairs. At one plant, during routine checks, machine operators found dust throughout the machinery that they used on a daily basis. ...... read more →

  • High Level Cleaning

    During an insurance audit the auditor pointed out a large amount of dust that had built up on the rafters, purlins, fire sprinklers and hydrant pipes. This was a big issue due to the risk of fire. To solve the ...... read more →

  • Epoxy Floor Coatings

    A new and expensive piece of equipment was to be brought into a factory and the existing floor was showing signs of wear and tear from years of use within an industrial environment. This was part of a large upgrade ...... read more →

  • Confined Space

    Confined space work requires the utmost care, preparation and specially trained workmen. Routine maintenance checks on a flour silo showed the need for repairs and it was also decided that a repaint of the inside would take place at the ...... read more →

  • Use of safety tape

    Marble tiles on the entranceway and steps of an inner city office block when wet had caused many of the staff to slip and fall as they entered the workplace. The property owners were keen to have the GripGuardĀ® Non-Slip ...... read more →